Gfinity to host Varsity Games for UK Dota 2

This Saturday November 26, Gfinity’s dedicated esports arena will play host to the Varsity Games 2016 where four top universities will compete in popular game title Dota 2.

The event will feature some of the best UK Dota 2 talent on offer at the UK’s only dedicated esports arena. 

The teams competing are as follows: 

  • Kings College London;
  • Imperial College London;
  • The London School of Economics (LSE);
  • University College London (UCL). 

The Varsity Games are one of the only initiatives aimed at grassroots UK Dota 2, whereas the CS:GO and League of Legends side tend to have more traction. The initiative is multi-pronged, too, with people being invited to help fill a variety of positions that you would otherwise see at a traditional, large-scale esports event.

Dota 2 personality Ted “PyrionFlax” Forsyth will also be in attendance. Pyrion has worked on the biggest stage in Dota 2, most recently at the record-breaking Valve hosted event in Seattle, The International 6. The event hosted the largest prize-pool in esports history and for the any young Dota 2 talent looking to make it in the world of esports – that’s surely the aspiration. 

In addition to the inaugural Varsity Games Dota 2 tournament, attendees will be able to meet the Gfinity team who work on live tournaments as well as take part in a variety of activities; including an overview of “Esports and Competitive Gaming in the UK: A Summary and Future Possibilities”.

For more information, check out the Facebook page or Gfinity’s website.

Esports Insider says: We have the chance to head down to the arena on Saturday and have a look at what Gfinity are doing and some of the talent the UK has to offer in Dota 2. We’re not a region known for any Dota 2 players although we showcase talent aplenty – so hopefully one day we’ll have someone truly break onto the scene (as a player).  It’s an event with a wider focus on educating young people into the potential careers to be had in the burgeoning esports industry – so we think it should be great overall. 

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Dignitas picks up former TSM jungler Grig for 2020 roster

TSM is undergoing plenty of changes this season as they bid farewell to Jonathan “Grig” Armani. The jungler for TSM since 2017, Grig transitioned from different teams such as Team Liquid, Echo Fox, Delta Fox, and more. He has gained experience since 2014, hopping from academy rosters to main teams.

The road isn’t over yet for Grig. As of today, he is officially slated to join the Dignitas 2020 Roster as their starting jungler. Grig was initially permitted to talk to other teams in November, and it seems that Dignitas took the opportunity to sweep him up.

I’m still contracted to TSM, but have the permission to talk to teams. Contact through twitter dm or at [email protected]

How a recent injury affected his career

The road to being one of the most popular junglers didn’t come easy. Almost one year ago, Grig suffered a wrist injury that got progressively worse throughout the offseason. Due to this, TSM promoted jungler Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham to their LCS team. They also brought in Gabriel “Fanatiik” Saucier as the replacement for the Academy roster. As he returned to TSM for the Summer Split, TSM found that leveraging both Grig and Akaadian in the jungle position would be the right choice.

DIG Barons, meet Grig smites.

Welcome @Grig_lol to our @LCSOfficial 2020 roster!

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New Dignitas roster

This recent acquisition of Grig counts as one of Dignitas’ recent roster pick-ups. Just yesterday, they announced that Support player Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black will join them for their new roster alongside ADC Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen. In early November, Dignitas shared their planned $2.3 million contract extension for Top Laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon.

If you’re curious about Grig, take a look at a video produced by Travis Gafford that focuses on his return to TSM.

“It was definitely not easy, mentally or emotionally. To say the least … it was really hard for me.”

Travis Gafford

187 тыс. подписчиков

As a bonus, here’s some holiday cheer shared by Dignitas’ official Twitter page. They said some nice things about (most of) their fellow NA competitors:

Since the holidays are coming up, we thought we’d write something nice about the @LCSOfficial teams so Santa knows to leave them a good present this year!

View image on Twitter

Let’s hope that everything goes well for Grig in his new journey with Dignitas. Be sure to read more League of Legends news here at Daily Esports!

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Eevee Evolutions Guide: How To Get Every Eeveelution

Pokemon Sword and Shield introduce a variety of new Gen 8 Pokemon to the series, and much like previous games, many of these monsters–like Applin and Milcery–can only evolve using specific methods. However, the Switch games also introduce a couple of new ways to evolve old Pokemon–specifically Eevee, which you can catch fairly early on in your adventure at Route 4, just outside Turffield.

In past Pokemon titles, you could only obtain Glaceon or Leafeon by traveling to a specific location and leveling your Eevee up, but Sword and Shield have simplified this process by letting you evolve it using elemental stones. That isn’t the only way you can obtain Eevee evolutions in the new Pokemon games, either. Below we’ve rounded up all the ways you can get Eevee evolutions in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How To Evolve Eevee

As previously mentioned, the only way you could evolve Eevee into Glaceon or Leafeon in previous Pokemon games was by traveling to the Ice or Moss Rock and leveling the Pokemon up. Neither rock appears in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so Game Freak has changed the way to obtain these evolutions. Now, you can evolve Eevee into Glaceon or Leafeon simply by using the Ice Stone or Leaf Stone on it.

These are the only two Eevee evolution methods that have been changed in Sword and Shield; you can still obtain the other evolutions the same way as in past games. That means if you want to evolve Eevee into Sylveon, you need to play with it often while camping out to increase its affection toward you. If you need a refresher on how to evolve Eevee into its other forms, we’ve outlined all the Eevee evolution methods below.

Eevee Evolution How To Evolve
Vaporeon Water Stone
Jolteon Thunder Stone
Flareon Fire Stone
Espeon Level up during day when Friendship is high
Umbreon Level up during night when Friendship is high
Glaceon Ice Stone
Leafeon Leaf Stone
Sylveon Level up when Affection is high and it knows a Fairy-type move

Pokemon Sword And Shield News & Guides

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Other Ways To Obtain Eevee Evolutions

In addition to catching an Eevee and evolving it yourself, you can also capture Eevee evolutions in the Wild Area, specifically at the Lake of Outrage. Eevee evolutions will reliably spawn in the area, although which one you encounter will depend on the weather. You can see the Eevee evolutions we’ve encountered at the Lake of Outrage and what weather conditions they appeared in below.

Wild Eevee Evolution Weather It Appears In
Vaporeon Rain
Jolteon Thunderstorm
Flareon Harsh sunlight
Espeon Cloudy
Umbreon Sandstorm
Glaceon Snow, blizzard
Leafeon Clear
Sylveon Fog

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CD Projekt Red Ending Gwent PS4 / Xbox One Support Next Year

CD Projekt Red is ending console support for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, the company has announced. In a post on the game’s official website, the developer explained it has made the decision to discontinue the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game in order to focus on the PC and mobile versions.

“When we launched the console versions of Gwent back in 2017, our intention was to provide console players with the same level of support as their PC counterparts,” the company wrote. “However, having just launched Gwent on iOS, and with the Android version coming, the number of supported platforms would significantly increase. Looking to the future, we do not believe we can support a growing number of different versions of Gwent while improving feature parity between them.”

Because PC and mobile are the most popular platforms among Gwent players, CD Projekt Red will continue to support those versions with new updates and content. The PS4 and Xbox One versions, meanwhile, will be “frozen” in their current state until they are discontinued next year. Players will no longer be able to make in-game purchases using real money as of today, December 4, and matchmaking on consoles will no longer be supported following an update on December 9.

While the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Gwent are being sunsetted, CD Projekt Red is giving console players the option to copy their accounts to GOG and carry their progress to the mobile and PC versions. This will be done through a website that will go live on December 9. Players will be able to copy their accounts this way until June 9–when the console versions will cease operation. Here’s how the developer explains the process:

“Starting from December 9, 2019, console players will be able to access a webpage where they can request to copy their progress from their console account to a new or existing GOG account. Since we do not support the ‘merging’ of accounts, we will only be able to copy progress to existing GOG accounts that do not have any Gwent progression on them at the time the request is made.”

This process will allow players to copy the following progress:

  • All collected ornaments
  • Other currencies
  • Cards
  • Deck lists
  • Account level
  • Current rank
  • Thronebreaker rewards
  • Contracts

On top of that, Xbox One players will be able to copy their Meteorite Powder; PS4 players, however, will not, as CD Projekt Red explains “transferring Meteorite Powder from PlayStation 4 to is not possible.” The developer says it will share more details about the account-copying process when the website goes live on December 9.

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Esports Insider renews partnership for SPIA Asia 2019

The fifth edition of Asia’s leading sports conference and awards platform, SPIA Asia – Asia’s Sports Industry Awards & Conference, is proud to announce the renewal of the media partnership with Esports Insider for the 2019 event in the Philippines.

SPIA Asia 2019 will run from December 2nd-3rd at the Grand Hyatt Manila and is part of the official activities of the 30th South East Asian Games, which are taking place during the same time.

Eric M. Gottschalk, CEO and Founder of SPIA Asia stated: “Thank you to Esports Insider to once again come on board to manage our public voting category for “Best Esports Event of the Year in Asia. London-based Esports Insider is a world-leading esports focused news, media and events company that will give us the credibility that our awards will recognize the best esports events in Asia. Last year’s public voting attracted over 125,000 participants through Esports Insider and we look forward to strongly increase the number for 2019.”

Sam Cooke, Managing Director of Esports Insider added: “We were thrilled to renew our partnership with SPIA Asia once again. The experience and the delegates present at their conference last year was top class. As we look to build the ESI brand out in Asia, SPIA offers us a great opportunity to meet with the leaders in the space.” 

Over 600 delegates and 60 international speakers are expected to attend the event in Manila, with key focus on the pulse of the industry such as “Business of Football” including the exclusive LaLiga panel, esports, rugby, basketball, motorsport, MMA/boxing, sports tech start-ups, and several subjects around tolerance, integrity, and inclusion. Key attractions at SPIA Asia will be the keynote address by PHISGOC, the organizing committee of the 30th South East Asian Games and the launch of the Asian Sponsorship & Events Association.

SPIA Asia will also host its annual edition of the SPIA Asia Awards, Asia’s most prestigious and credible awards platform, recognizing and celebrating sporting excellence of the industry, including this year’s inaugural “Best Asian Sportsman,” “Best Asian Sportswoman,” and “Best Asian Sports Team of the Year” awards.

SPIA Asia brings together the governing bodies, federations, agencies, rights holders, brands, and organisations which strongly contribute and positively influence the landscape of sport in Asia.

Organized by MMC Sportz, SPIA Asia is endorsed by PHISGOC, the local organizing committee of the 30th South East Asian Games, the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines and supported by the following entities which have pledged their partnership support to SPIA Asia 2019: LaLiga, Allianz, YouGov, HANZZ+HEIDII, Sport Business, Grand Hyatt Manila, as well as its marketing support from Paul Poole South East Asia. 

For more information about the conference program, delegate passes and Awards Gala ticket sales, please visit

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Pokémon Sword & Shield: Stop Picking On Hop

It seems there are many passengers aboard the Hop hate train, but he’s one of the best rivals in the Pokémon series. Hop haters mainly dislike the kid for his overzealous attitude and his pestering little brother-like ways. There’s no denying that Hop comes on a bit strong in the beginning of Sword & Shield, but he is the Champion’s younger brother after all– he should be a spit-fire. In actuality, Hop has a lot of great defining characteristics that make him a fantastic rival.

For starters, Hop exudes competitive confidence without being taunting or downright infuriating. His enthusiasm motivates players to progress through the story in a positive way, even if it is to keep his ego in check.

In the end-game, even though he knows he is no match for the player or the Champion he is determined to help and is the first to charge into action. Some might call it foolhardy, but it’s a brave act indeed to stand strong and persevere when one is clearly outmatched.

Hop is a truly stand-up guy, willing to admit when he is outmatched and learn from his shortcomings. His unyielding optimism is wholeheartedly inspiring and his constant support of the main protagonist shows what a true friend he really is. Hop may have an overabundance of energy at times, but he walks the line perfectly between competitive rival and true friend. This makes Hop the best, if not most dynamic rival in the Pokémon series.

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Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.24 may bring some shine to Light units, nerfs to Singed and Phantom Dancer incoming

Big changes are slated to hit the Convergence in next week’s Teamfight Tactics patch.

The TFT Twitter gave fans a sneak peek at the tentative Patch 9.24 changes today, which look to buff a wide array of classes and champions. But certain overpowered units, like Singed, are going to be taken down a peg to balance out the competition. And next week’s update will also introduce the new Soulbound class, along with three champions—Senna, Lucian, and Amumu.

Teamfight Tactics on Twitter

Patch 9.24 hits next week! Here’s a sneak peak of the changes!

Fans of the Light Origin have been frustrated with its underwhelming performance, as well as how easy it is to counter it. Whenever a Light champion dies, all other Light units gain attack speed and are healed for 20 percent of their maximum health. While this looks good on paper, any comp running Morellonomicon shuts down all healing from the Light trait. Previous PBE changes suggested that the attack speed granted on death will be increased.

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Hearthstone Masters Tour Indonesia has been announced!

The next location of the Hearthstone Masters Tour of 2020 has been announced. Bali, Indonesia will be hosting the second event of 2020. The event will be held on March 20-22, only two months after the Masters Tour in Arlington.

Masters Tour Indonesia

The Masters Tour Indonesia will be held on the island of Bali, in the resort area of Nusa Dua. This event takes place at the Mulia Resort and Villas. The event will feature a $250,000 base prize pool, which the community will be able to increase in the future. At the past events, the community was able to contribute to the prize pool by purchasing a special card pack bundle. However, it is not yet confirmed this will be the way the community can contribute to future events.

With the March 20 starting date, it is expected that this event will be held after the first Hearthstone expansion of 2020 has been released. This shaking up the meta is advantageous to keep the community interested in watching the tournament, as there will be less time for the player base to solve the meta. A similar thing will happen at Masters Tour Arlington earlier in the year. Two weeks in advance, 35 unique new cards will be added to the Descent of Dragons expansion.

How to qualify for the event

There are many ways to qualify for the Masters Tour event this time around. Players can qualify through the regular Open Cup qualifications, by winning one of the many open cups, or through placing in the top 8 five times in a qualifying season. The players that achieved a 7-2 or better record at Masters Tour Bucharest or Masters Tour Arlington automatically qualify for the event. In addition, in Arlington, several on-site Masters Qualifier events will be held for players who have dropped out of the main event. The final way to qualify is through placing in top 16 Legend for either the December or January months.

For more Hearthstone news, be sure to check out the breakdown of the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Descent of Dragons, launching on Dec 10.

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Vote Now For Your Favorite Games Of 2019

This is your chance to sound off on your favorite video games of 2019. Do your part and vote to determine our Reader Games of the Year in issue 322 of Game Informer Magazine.

From new IPs and big, triple-A sequels to a host of ongoing games from years past, 2019 provided us with no shortage of exciting things to play. Whether you were looking at consoles, PC, VR, or even mobile, chances are, you found something that resonated with you. Now is your chance to tell us what.

You can find the survey below, or at this link. Simply click to select your choices.

If you’re having trouble making decisions, you can always use our scientific method for making important game of the year decisions or take this advice. The last day of voting is Friday, December 13, so get all of your votes in while you can and look out for the results on the website and in issue 322 of the magazine!

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Disneyland Paris Major adds AOC and SAP as partners

Mars Media has added AOC and SAP as partners for the ongoing Disneyland Paris Major, the fourth Dota 2 Major in the current Dota Pro Circuit season.

The brands have been featured in the broadcast for the Major since it began on May 4th but the deals have only just been formally announced.

Acting as the official analytics partner of the Major, SAP is providing “detailed and insightful in-game data” in the broadcast to increase engagement throughout the event. This isn’t the first Dota 2 Major that the German software corporation has been involved with, and it recently expanded its deal with ESL.

Milan Cerny, Innovation Lead for SAP discussed the partnership: “The MDL Disneyland ® Paris Major is an important milestone on this year’s Dota Pro Circuit, so it was essential for us to become a partner and provide insights to the fan base. We are excited to leverage all our learnings from the season so far and collaborate with MDL, Disney and Layerth on providing the best possible viewing experience to all spectators.”

AOC’s G2590PX gaming monitor is being utilised throughout the Major, in which 16 teams competed in the group stage. The event is currently in the playoffs stage, with organisations such as Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Team Liquid still fighting for first place – as well as the $350,000 (£269,232) and 4,950 DPC points that come along with it.

Stefan Sommer, Director Marketing & Business Management at AOC commented: “Staying in close touch with the global gaming community has always been one of AOC’s most important core values. As more and more fans tune in to watch professional gamers compete for a change at glory, the world of competitive gaming grows exponentially with every event and tournament happening. Therefore, AOC is delighted to partner up with Lagardere Sports, to bring you – for the first time ever – the MDL Disneyland® Major.”

Esports Insider says: This is MDL’s first tournament outside of China and is the first Major to be held in France, so it’s only right that some solid partners are brought in to make it as great as possible. SAP is becoming a mainstay at Dota 2 Majors at this point and AOC may find itself in the conversation more than usual moving forward after this event.

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